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Hi, I'm David

I am a user experience designer with a passion for the field. Growing up in Africa would require you to put in extra effort to compete in the current design space. So I spend most of my time learning and improving my skills every day. In the past, I worked as an electrician in a small town called Kirchheim/Teck around the Stuttgart area, Germany. In 2019, I decided to do something different and enrolled at CareerFoundry to study UX/UI-focused design. My main focus or strength in design is interaction and content editing. As I grow, I discover more interesting things about myself & keep adding to the things I love.  If you would like to know more, please contact me.


  • Website Design

  • Mobile App Design

  • User Research

  • Competition Analysis

  • Wireframes

  • Prototyping

  • Typography

  • Iconography

  • Documentation

  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS

  • Developer's collaboration

  • A Wix official partner, I can set your business up from the scratch!


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